Fantasy Football Defense Scoring: How it Works

Maximize your fantasy football success by understanding defense scoring. Learn about basic points, points against, special teams points, and bonus points. Draft the right defenses and score big in your fantasy league.

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Fantasy Football Defense Scoring: How it Works

In fantasy football, defenses play a crucial role in determining your team's success. Understanding how defenses score in fantasy football is essential for building a winning roster.

Step 1: Basic Points The basic points awarded to defenses in fantasy football are fairly straightforward. Points are typically awarded for sacks, interceptions, fumble recoveries, and touchdowns.

Step 2: Points Against Another important factor in determining a defense's score is the number of points they allow. In most leagues, points are subtracted from a defense's score for every point the opposing team scores. For example, if a defense allows 20 points in a game, they would lose 20 points in your fantasy league.

Step 3: Special Teams Points In addition to defensive points, some fantasy football leagues also award points for special teams performance. This can include points for kick and punt return touchdowns, as well as points for field goals and extra points blocked.

Step 4: Bonus Points Finally, many fantasy football leagues offer bonus points for exceptional defensive performances. For example, a defense might receive a bonus for holding an opposing team to under a certain number of points, or for recording multiple sacks or interceptions in a single game.

Fantasy football defenses can be a valuable source of points in your fantasy league. By understanding how defenses score, you can make informed decisions about which defenses to draft and when to start them. With a little research and strategy, you can turn your fantasy football defense into a dominant force!

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